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ACYA Wanderlust

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Project Typology:

Design / Residential


Kuala Lumpur







Indulge your Wanderlust

“A man travels the world over in search of what he needs,” – said George Moore, – “and returns home to find it. Like many country, we’ve had to hit pause on outdoor activity especially travel plans due to the global pandemics situation. However, that doesn’t mean we’re not thinking about all the places we’ve been—and all the places we hope to get to sometime soon. Our desire to connect with nature and people shall persist and this is the main inspiration of our design.
The Wanderlust’ are introduced to bring the message to everyone that ‘Holiday is everywhere when you are home’. The dream house adopted Zero Lot bungalow typology to cater young couple or small family within the site of 298m2. It strikes to shape a new lifestyle for everyone to overcome their travel desire while allowing them to stay at home. As lifestyles shift, the architecture layouts follow suit—a relevant hierarchy of space then take shape within the ‘The Wanderlust’.

Bring the World to your Home

Conceptually, the ‘Wanderlust’ adopted social-distancing method by breaking the house into two rectangular cabins (‘Isolation’ and ‘Living’ cabins). Both cabins can be accessible from different entrance to protect the health and safety of the occupants. On top of these cabins, ‘sleeping’ cabin are stacked at different level. The interiors are designed with various nature- inspired environment to create different travel experience. The occupants can then travel from one cabin to another cabin just like how they travel from one country to another.

The ‘Isolation’ cabin, on the left with separate entrance is a convertible space which houses small pantry, washrooms, living, office and bedroom. It is designed to be like a cocoon recovery room that can be converted into quarantine room while allowing the occupant to ‘reborn’ after they recover from the illness. Hence, the vision are to have all things necessary  as compact as possible without compromising the functionality and comfort.

The ‘Living’ cabin on the right, houses kitchen, dining and yard. Disinfect area is provided at the front end for the occupants to clean themselves before entering the relevant cabins. Living area is sunken down to envision a cave living experience whereas dining area that connecting kitchen and garden provide farm to table dining experience to the occupants. The terrace landscape and open lawn around the house flow into the interior almost unnoticed to create a sense of peace and fulfillment between the inside and outside.

The ‘sleeping cabins’ are clad with aluminium panel externally to provide privacy from the neighbors. They are cantilevered from the ground to frame the prized views over the landscape. The shape of the ‘sleeping cabins’ are long and narrow, which allows for large window surfaces with varying views, as well as possibilities for very different types of functions at the opposite ends of the building; for example, sundowner drinks with partners at one end, while the kids are sleeping in the other. The ‘sleeping cabin’ on the left is known as ‘ forest cabin’ which consists of pivot doors and timber screens that designed to slide seamlessly into the cavities, ensuring cavernous volumes interact directly with the landscape. The other ‘sleeping cabin’ is known as ‘star gazing cabin’ where the occupant can have the sky view. Skylight are provided to maximise daylighting while full height timber louver and pivot door are introduced to maximise passive ventilation.

Like a valley, the play and work area are introduced in between the cabins to act as connection platform while capturing the panoramic view of garden. The path through the house is strung together by the open stairs at the valley. The occupants can then weave in and out, enjoying the excitement of exploring all the various cabin spaces. Besides, play net are hang at the upper level to enable the occupants to have exceptional reading and resting environment. This space, while distinctly cozy and sheltering, maintains a close relationship with the nature outside.

Nurturing Sustainable and Innovative Future  

The ‘Wanderlust’ is constructed with Industrial Building System (IBS) while following sustainable principles approaching autonomous (off the grid) passive house standards. The foundations and the main structure are made of precast concrete panel and block which are also part of the modular system. The precast concrete walls and roofs from the exterior continues in the interior, creating an honest and transparent transition from inside to outside.

The buildings pay a tribute to the Malaysia Traditional House, with gabled roof, full height louvered opening. The bearing outer wall, the steep angle of the roof and the horizontal floor separation, creates a movement that folds. Vertical and horizontal glulam timber strips, precast concrete, slate and aluminium are all materials that will patinate over time, reflecting seasons. At the same time, they withstand the harsh and brutal conditions while limiting the stay of pandemic influenza on its surface.

On the other hand, Smart home systems are introduced to connect various devices including: lighting systems, curtain control, surveillance & security system, audio, computer and communication equipment, etc. Photovoltaic panels are also placed on the southern pitch covering almost about 70% of the building’s energy needs. Rainwater harvesting tank located at the other cabin’s roof top then collect rain water for irrigation purpose. Excessive rainwater will overflow into the valley’s courtyard where the feature tree situated.

‘Satu Keluarga, Dua Item’ that means one family can collect 2 items at the ‘prihatin pondok’ which located at the gate front. Despite the needs of social-distancing, ‘The Wanderlust’ believes that the pandemic situation should not be an excuse or reason for us to stop connection and be resilience. Hence, terrace farming are introduced to promote self-sustain lifestyle, while the extra harvested product will be given out to those who needs at the ‘prihatin pondok’. ‘The Wanderlust’ not only provide travel experience for the occupants around the house but also aspire to connect them with the nature and the people.


“ The Wanderlust”
– Time to be at home –
Indulge yourself in the wanderlust and rediscover interest in your daily life.