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Asian Esport Centre

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Project Typology:



Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur







Connecting the past, present and future

Connecting physical and virtual world

Connecting human and digital


E-sports has risen dramatically in their popularity especially when pandemic hits. However, health is a critical issue in e-sports due to the novelty of the field and the way in which it is played. In order to counteract the health concern, the concept of this e-sport centre originates from a ‘path’ — a journey retracing the practice of sports. Benchmark against other surrounding sports facilities, it draws from tradition of the past in the context of the present to create a space for the future.

Visioned as a connection for human and digital (both physical and virtual world), the design was formulated with a focus on the diversity of experiences needed to create a healthy sport environment: one that responds to its context, climate and community, meets the needs of people on a daily basis, as well as for visitors, gatherings and celebrations.

Designed to be accessible and to promote healthy way of living, the proposal centered around a series of elevated, undulating ramps and walkways, inviting users to reflect, learn, and share while contemplating the dynamic skyline or the lush greeneries. All of the site’s paths lead to the rooftop where users can jog, cycle and workout on daily basis. Interspersed between the ramps, the building has incorporated a series of stepped, sunken informal plaza that offer a mix of performance and play spaces in a bid to make the space a day and night destination.

The proposal extends the way of how sports have evolved into the future for generations to come, where a future and traditional sport can be practiced at the same time, same place, healthily. The organic form of the design, creates a welcome counterpoint to the existing landscape, emphasizes Bukit Jalil as a ‘city in a garden’, forming a sustainable, environmentally progressive reflection of the country’s healthy sports environment.

The smooth curves form that adheres to the landscape contour does not only allow accessibility, it also enhances wind to glide through the whole building gently, promoting natural cooling and ventilation in the space. By placing the buildings under a continuous roof, it creates a sense of unity and coherence while also enhancing its energy efficiency and avoiding the duplication of spaces. Luxury greeneries on top also help to mitigate heat island effects, promote social interaction and physical exercise, creating a healthy gaming community.

E-sports arena is envisioned to be adaptable, flexible, programmable, and serve a multitude of events through the use of UCO Superflex panels . It aims to expand outside the confines of their venue by involving the surrounding context to support a range of crowd sizes and event types. The adoption of VR and AR gaming experiences, turns e-sports into physically active activity. Gamers are allowed to explore through the whole building while having the game played in their head.

The e-sports centre embodies the spirit and values of e-sports gamers in respect of traditional sports. Its incorporation of landscape and architecture, brings users on a journey of discovery, merging traditional sports with what lies ahead in future. This project represents an important milestone in the country’s vision to redefine gaming experiences through iconic venues that will feature game-changing technologies and pioneer the next generation of transformative, immersive experiences.