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Project Typology:

Design / Residential


Selangor, Malaysia






KLAF & Epic Home

  • Customization & adaption
    The Lanai is specially crafted for Jamal & Rina to utilize space efficiently by modifying their living space according to their own needs. Besides, a flare of own identity is created for Jamal’s family to participate in personalizing their own home through customized design of local materials like batik, weaved bamboo, etc on their building façade. Through this, a sense of ownership is instilled in them.
  • Design statement
    Lanai is a space that is interpreted from the traditional Malay house spatial typology which known as veranda or serambi. The overall design adopt the concept of open-sided patio to create communal space while providing shades to the internal bedrooms.
    The lanai strikes to provide a home rather than a houseby providing opportunity for Jamal & Rina to personalize their home. Eventually, the design will provide the basic yet practical necessities for the family while preserving their cultures and identity. Hence a diversified design in terms of ethnicity and culture with the input from the owner (Orang Asli) is fused and produce.
    The Lanai is designed to adapt and suit to various site conditions particularly on the slope and unstable ground through stilt foundation. The brief seeks for a home that can cater for family of 4 (Jamal & Rina with their children) who grew up in Gombak and therefore 2 bedrooms are provided as the basic module. Spacious and high-volume layout are designed to cater future expansion within this tight and narrow site.The basic module of the home provides double volume space and large openings to maximize passive daylighting and welcome cross ventilation into the internal space.Ruang Ibu & Lanai are design as open plan layout to accommodate multi-functional activities such as cooking, reading, living and etc while serving as the communal anchor space to the internal bedrooms. The wet area such as washroom is intended to be detached from the home as independent sheltered structure due to hygiene issues.
    The concept of ‘Less House, More Home’ allows Lanai to grow vertically while maintaining sideways within the boundary by having higher platform and spaces that are able to be expanded in low tech approach. Due to the challenging 4m width of the site, the building is designed in slanted volume in order to allocate more spaces while providing bigger volume for future expansion as the family grows.

廊(Lanai)是马来西亚传统原住民的空间(即阳台)。这个设计采用了开放式空间布局,容纳了多功能活动,例如烹饪,阅读,居住等,为内部空间提供高采光和透风设计。‘廊’不但保留了原住民文化,同时也让每一户人家拥有个性化的机会。 这个设计的基本需求是容纳4口人家。由于的基地狭小,因此该建筑采用倾斜设计,以便空出更多空间,好人用户可以随着家庭的成长而扩展,这个设计也可以为在为来的扩展。