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Legasi Line @ ECRL Train

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Project Typology:

Competition: Interior & Exterior Design


East Coast Rail Link


Top 3 Winner





Legasi Line is a design proposal for the ECRL train that embodies the rich cultural heritage and natural beauty of Malaysia. The name “Legasi” (Malay for “Legacy”) reflects the intention to honor and preserve the diverse traditions, arts, and natural landscapes of Malaysia. The Legasi Line will not only serve as a modern transportation solution but also as a moving tribute to the nation’s heritage, connecting passengers with the cultural and natural landscapes along their journey.

The exterior of the Legasi Line is designed to be both visually striking and culturally meaningful. The use of vibrant colors and linear patterns not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the train but also tells a story of Malaysia’s journey through its rich past towards a bright and innovative future. The design creates a sense of pride and connection among passengers, making each journey on the Legasi Line a celebration of Malaysia’s legacy and its dynamic progress.

Integrating Gradient Patterns from Natural Landscapes

The Legasi Line incorporates gradient patterns inspired by natural landscapes from each of the four states the ECRL traverses. These gradients represent the transition from dawn to sunrise, mirroring the train’s journey from the west coast to the east coast of Malaysia.

Patterns and Motifs

Linear Forms: The design primarily features linear patterns that celebrate the speed and efficiency of the train. These lines are inspired by traditional Malay woodcraft, incorporating both straight and dynamic forms that create a sense of movement and progress.