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Project Typology:

Design / Residential


Selangor, Malaysia







Rumah – ‘i’ named after the family of Zamr[i] and Rez[i] who have 2 boys (Jefri, 7 y.o & Jas 10 y.o) and a girl (Rose, 5 y.o)

‘I’ which read in Malay as ‘AIR’ carry the meaning of water, with the entire design notion crafted to allow the family to overcome water shortage issue by collecting dew and rain water.

The letter [ i ] can be interpreted as

  1. a) i : me     – a house that reflect own identity
  2. b) i ndigenous – usage of local materials & skills
  3. c) i nteraction – creation of communal living
  4. d) i nnovation – a flexible space that allow low-tech expandable opportunity
    e) i ntelligent – bio-mimicry façade that collects dew water


Traditional weaving skill was incorporated into the façade as a showcase of identity while preserving their culture. On top of that, by garnering the potential of rural site humidity while tackling water resources issue of the family, weaved bio-degradable plastic net was featured through bio-mimicry to collect dew during the dawn. A large mono-pitch roof was also being introduced to provide shelter while further harvest rainwater for grey water usage. Besides that, clean drinking water that was tap from outside is allocated to store underneath of floor deck while connecting the sources to kitchen.