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Project Typology:

Futuristic Design









The Seaphera Living Capsule is an innovative project designed to offer a compact living and working environment within a 5m x 5m x 3m dimension. This pioneering structure supports sustainable living and income generation through the harvesting of salt on its membrane. Serving as a catalyst for growth, Seaphera acts as a matrix pocket of water on Earth, with the added capability of desalinating seawater.

The architectural concept of the Seaphera Living Capsule focuses on creating a self-sustaining habitat that harmonizes living and working spaces. By leveraging abundant seawater, the system processes desalinated freshwater, generates energy, and produces income through harvested salt. This dual-purpose approach ensures the capsule supports both individual needs and community living, while preserving existing freshwater resources along the seacoast and estuary.


Design and Functionality:

The interior plan of the Seaphera Living Capsule is thoughtfully organized to maximize efficiency and functionality:

  1. Living and Working Areas: Elevated above the rest of the space, the living and working areas provide a comfortable environment for daily activities and productivity. This elevation also helps in maintaining a clear separation from the wet areas and services.
  2. Services, Storage, and Wet Areas: These essential components are strategically positioned at a depressed level, optimizing space utilization and ensuring easy access without interfering with the main living and working zones.
  3. Desalination and Filtration System: Located beneath the floor, the desalination and filtration systems are designed to efficiently process seawater. This placement allows for effective drainage and management of the seawater intake, ensuring a continuous supply of desalinated freshwater.
  4. Salt Cultivation: The capsule’s circular opening features a surface where salt is cultivated through the principle of capillary action. This innovative approach not only produces salt but also enhances the structure’s functionality and income-generating potential.


Sustainable Living and Community Impact:

Seaphera Living Capsule embodies a dualism approach that balances individual living with community benefits. By promoting a communal lifestyle, the project encourages the preservation of freshwater resources, ensuring long-term sustainability for coastal and estuarine communities. The capsule’s design and systems highlight a commitment to environmental stewardship and resource efficiency, making it a model for sustainable living solutions.