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The Link City

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Kuala Lumpur







Link-City applies ideological concepts and ideas from several utopias combined with architectural examples of the XX century in a contemporary way under a programatic scheme that respond to the future demands of the city building.

Departing from the problematic of the increase in population, the design offers a neighborhood in the form of a series of towers which accommodate housing units and share common activities in between them.

The design explores global architecture possibilities, in different programatic demands, and typological relations. Versatility is one of the strengths, where the implantation of one of these structures can arise in the most diverse places. Adaptability with existing buildings makes the solution suitable for any existing city.

Link-Citys, provides the opportunity to explore how rapidly developing areas can thrive with the changing environment. The Growth Mode concept provides an interesting approach to creating a sustainable energy system that allows forever for everyone to thrive from

“A wonderful blend of innovation and solutions to addressing alternative possibilities for growing urban areas.

Link-City is a design concept that combines ideas from various utopias and architectural examples of the 20th century to address the future needs of urban development. It tackles the issue of increasing population by proposing a neighborhood composed of interconnected towers that house residents and offer shared amenities.

The design of Link-City explores architectural possibilities on a global scale, accommodating diverse programmatic demands and establishing typological relationships. The Growth Mode concept emphasizes the creation of a sustainable energy system, ensuring the well-being of all inhabitants.

Link-City offers the opportunity to examine how rapidly developing areas can thrive amidst changing environmental conditions. Its versatility allows it to be implemented in different locations, and its adaptability to existing buildings makes it suitable for any city.

Overall, Link-City presents an innovative solution that addresses the challenges of urban growth while providing alternative possibilities for the development of urban areas.