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Eco-Lux Villa

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Project Typology:



Rawang, Selangor






Dr. J

The interior design endeavors to bring the ambiance of the home in line with the client’s preferred style, achieving a delicate equilibrium between understated hints of luxury and the comforting essence of a dreamy home. This harmony is gracefully achieved through the fusion of soft pastel color palettes and strategic metallic accents, creating an atmosphere that is simultaneously welcoming and refined.

A predominant selection of finishes draws inspiration from the natural world, emulating the textures of wood and stone to amplify the prevailing sense of serenity within the home. These material choices introduce a tonal harmony that further elevates the design, enveloping the space in the inviting warmth and comfort reminiscent of home.

Spaces were reconfigured, in order to enable family-centric living spaces. Notably, the main living area on the ground floor was reimagined to foster a continuous visual connection from the foyer entrance to the dry kitchen zone. This thoughtful alteration enhances the intimacy of family togetherness and transforms the area into a focal point for familial celebrations.

 At the heart of the project’s design lies the captivating theme of Dreamy Elegance intertwined with the essence of family harmony. The delicate interplay of soft pastel colors and metallic accents work in tandem to evoke a sense of dreamy elegance.

The entire staircase is reimagined into an enclosed passage leading upward, enveloped in warm timber laminate finish brought from ground floor to family hall on top. This staircase create a sense of journey through a imaginative tunnel. The staircase artfully illuminated with step-by-step lighting that gracefully activates through motion sensors, akin to a guiding light that enhances the dreaminess  of the home.

A central feature takes the form of timber laminate with groove lines, cascading from the ceiling to the side walls. The feature draws the eye of the users towards the expensive opening overlooking the side garden blurring the line between inside and outside.

Introducing depth and tactile diversity, wave panels are carefully introduced as cabinet fronts and feature walls. It introduces a captivating play of profiles and visual richness. These panels elevate the house hold visual depth, inviting a diverse array of tactile experiences that spark curiosity and imagination in the occupants.