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Everest Residence

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Seremban, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia






GJH Group

Everest Residence comprises 22 luxurious bungalows, each standing three storeys tall and offering a total of three different types of layouts. Designed to cater to the most discerning residents, these spacious homes provide the ultimate in privacy, comfort, and sophistication. With ample living space spread across multiple levels, residents can enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding landscape while indulging in a lifestyle of luxury and tranquility.

Drawing inspiration from the awe-inspiring beauty of Mount Everest, Everest Residence incorporates elements of undulating mountains and soaring peaks into its design concept. The use of white and light brown hues throughout the development evokes the serene beauty of snow-capped mountains, while subtle architectural details pay homage to the rugged terrain and majestic vistas of the Himalayas. This harmonious blend of natural inspiration and contemporary design creates a sense of timelessness and elegance that sets Everest Residence apart as a true landmark in luxury living.

In line with its vision of providing a more sustainable lifestyle for residents, Everest Residence is targeting Green RE certification, demonstrating its commitment to environmental responsibility and energy efficiency. From energy-saving features to eco-friendly materials and sustainable landscaping practices, every aspect of the development is designed with sustainability in mind. By promoting green living and reducing environmental impact, Everest Residence not only enhances the quality of life for its residents but also sets a new standard for sustainable development in the region.

Everest Residence represents the pinnacle of luxury living in Chemara Hill, offering residents an unparalleled combination of elegance, comfort, and sustainability. With its exclusive bungalow units, inspired design concept, and commitment to environmental responsibility, Everest Residence sets a new standard for upscale living in Negeri Sembilan. Whether enjoying panoramic views from the highest point of the site or embracing a more sustainable lifestyle, residents of Everest Residence are sure to experience the epitome of luxury living amidst the natural beauty of Chemara Hill.