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LHG Autocomplex Carshowroom

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Nusajaya, Johor






LHG Group

Situated in the vibrant city of Nusajaya, Johor, overlooking the iconic Second Link Highway, the LHG Autocomplex emerges as a new landmark in the automotive landscape. Comprising three blocks of sleek and modern car showrooms, this architectural marvel serves as a flagship destination for the LHG Group, redefining the automotive retail experience through innovative design and cutting-edge technology. With a striking color palette of dark grey, red, and light grey, the LHG Autocomplex captivates the imagination and sets a new standard for excellence in automotive retail.

Positioned strategically along the Second Link Highway, the LHG Autocomplex commands attention as a prominent landmark in Johor, signaling the arrival of a new era in automotive excellence. Its sleek and contemporary silhouette stands in stark contrast against the urban skyline, drawing the gaze of passersby and beckoning them to explore its captivating interiors. As a focal point for automotive enthusiasts and commuters alike, the LHG Autocomplex serves not only as a destination for car shopping but also as a symbol of progress and innovation in the region.

The design of the LHG Autocomplex is characterized by a dynamic interplay of colors, with dark grey forming the backdrop against which accents of red and light grey create captivating highlights. This bold color scheme not only enhances the visual appeal of the building but also reinforces the brand identity of the LHG Group, evoking a sense of sophistication, dynamism, and innovation. The juxtaposition of these colors serves to highlight the architectural features of the complex, from its sleek façade to its expansive glass windows, creating a sense of depth and dimensionality that commands attention and admiration.

Comprising three floors of automotive excellence, the LHG Autocomplex houses three brand-specific 4S centers and the headquarters office of the LHG Group. Each showroom is designed to reflect the unique identity of its respective brand, with cutting-edge technology and innovative design features that showcase the latest advancements in automotive engineering. From interactive digital displays to immersive virtual reality experiences, every aspect of the LHG Autocomplex is carefully curated to engage and delight customers, offering a seamless and personalized shopping experience that transcends traditional car showrooms.