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Pastel Playland

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Subang, Selangor






Dr. K

A whimsical kid’s playroom designed to spark imagination and joy. The room features a delightful blend of pastel green, pastel yellow, and pastel pink, creating a vibrant yet soothing atmosphere perfect for children to explore and play. The soft hues of pastel green provide a calming backdrop, encouraging relaxation and focus during quiet activities. Pastel yellow adds a cheerful touch, fostering a sunny, happy environment that inspires creativity and laughter. Meanwhile, pastel pink infuses the space with warmth and comfort, making it a cozy haven for playtime adventures.

In Pastel Playland, every corner is thoughtfully designed to promote fun and learning, ensuring that children can engage in various activities while enjoying the benefits of a beautifully curated color palette. This charming space not only supports the playful nature of kids but also offers a serene environment that parents will appreciate.