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Puncak Rimba Resort

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Janda Baik, Pahang, Malaysia






Puncak Rimba

Nestled in the heart of Pahang’s lush, hilly forest, Puncak Rimba is a sanctuary where tradition meets tranquility. This project encompasses the meticulous refurbishment of traditional Malay houses alongside the construction of tropical villa resorts, creating an enchanting jungle retreat that embodies the essence of Malaysian heritage and natural beauty.

Drawing inspiration from the surrounding pristine rainforest, our design philosophy aims to harmonize with the natural landscape. The architecture integrates seamlessly with the verdant hills, flowing rivers, and cascading waterfalls that define the site. By preserving the authenticity of traditional Malay house designs and blending them with modern tropical villas, Puncak Rimba offers a unique fusion of cultural heritage and contemporary luxury.

The traditional Malay houses will be refurbished with great attention to detail, using locally sourced timber and traditional craftsmanship techniques to retain their historical significance. These houses will be complemented by newly constructed tropical villas that feature open-plan designs, large windows, and natural materials like bamboo and stone, promoting a sense of openness and connection with the natural environment.

Our commitment to sustainability is evident in every aspect of the design and operation of Puncak Rimba. Rainwater harvesting systems, and eco-friendly building materials such as timbers are utilized to minimize the resort’s ecological footprint. Landscaping will feature native plant species to enhance biodiversity and support the local ecosystem.