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Spectrum House

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Subang, Selangor






Dr. K

Spectrum House is not just a residence; it’s a thoughtful design strategy that seamlessly weaves a spectrum of colors into its architectural fabric.The intentional use of a wide color palette goes beyond aesthetics, representing the various facets of family life. This strategic integration enhances the visual and emotional impact of each space, transforming the home into a vibrant canvas. The design, rooted in the celebration of family dynamics, encapsulates the essence of Spectrum House—a place where architecture and emotion coalesce to redefine conventional living, emphasizing the richness and diversity of familial experiences.

The project once was a traditional residential setup, consisting of two separate blocks linked by a sheltered roof.  Thoughtfully reimagined, it has been transformed into a new residence accommodating a family of six all while preserving the existing structure.  While also portraying the family’s vision of a serene yet colorful playground for the family.

The residence cleverly establishes distinct yet functional zones, with leisure activities allocated to the left wing and family-centric spaces to the right. This zoning fosters a profound sense of privacy and security while also allowing flexibility to accommodate guests in the other wing. The two wings are harmoniously reintegrated through a double-volume activity lounge , adorned with coloful louvred windows, serving as a transitional spaces between them.

The vibrant louvres glass positioned at the heart of Spectrum House serves a dual purpose in architectural functionality. Beyond being a living gallery, these glass features strategically capture the prevailing winds, promoting natural ventilation throughout the residence. Simultaneously, the louvres maximize the entry of natural daylight, creating a well-lit and energy-efficient environment. This architectural strategy not only enhances the overall comfort of occupants but also aligns with Spectrum House’s commitment to sustainable and eco-conscious living.

The spiral staircase features a clean white finish, deliberately designed with porous planes. These intentional void allows the colorful rays from the adjacent window screens to delicately wash over the interior walls ant the staircase itself, creating an ever evolving spectacle throughout the day. Not only create visually stunning effect but also contribute to the overall energy efficiency of the building. The warm hues, especially during sunset, can naturally enhance interior lighting, reducing the reliance on artificial illumination. This intentional use of colour as an eco-friendly design element aligns Spectrum House with contemporary architectural practices that prioritize both aesthetic appeal and environmental responsibility.

In essence, Spectrum House emerges not just as a display of vibrant colours but as a testament to a holistic approach to architecture and sustainability. The intentional fusion of colour and sustainable design principles makes Spectrum House not only a visually captivating residence but also an exemplar of responsible and conscious architecture, seamlessly blending aesthetics with environmental stewardship.